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The new Mercedes Benz SL roadster with R231 body.

Mercedes company has distributed detailed information and official photos of its own new roadster SL-Class 6th generation, which is designated R231. Its global premiere took place in January at the 2012 Detroit International Motor Show, and sales began in the spring.

The exterior of the new Mercedes SL (2014-2015) is designed in the style of the latest additions from Stuttgart, and features the new SLK R172, CLS 4-door coupe and SLS AMG supercar. Compared to its predecessor, the SL-Class R231 has more sharp edges in design, the radiator grille is located almost vertically, and the air intake on the front fenders has become noticeably larger.

Options and prices for Mercedes SL-Class 2015.

Specification Cost Engine Box Drive Four hundred 6 100 000 Petrol 3.0 (333 л.с.) automatic (7) rear 500 7 500 000 gasoline 4.7 (435 л.с.) automatic (7) rear.

In terms of dimensions, the new Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (R231) became a bit longer and wider than the previous generation model, its length is four 580 mm vs. four 560 previously, and the width has increased from one 820 mm to one 880 mm. But despite this, the total weight of the new items was reduced by a respectable 100 40 kg.

As previously reported, to achieve weight reduction was possible due to the wide implementation of aluminum in the design of the car. Not only the body is made of it, but also most of the chassis parts. This has also had a positive effect on the rigidity of the entire structure. The windshield frame and trunk lid are made of steel.

The interior of the new Mercedes SL-Class R231 was also in the style of the SLK and SLS, and the basic equipment includes a multimedia system with Web access, navigation and DVD-player, and multi-circuit seat ventilation. All interior panels can be optionally upholstered in genuine leather.

The roadster roof goes up and down in less than 20 seconds, with two variants available. The upper section can be either glass or equipped with Magic Vision Control, which allows you to change the level of transparency with a button.

The basic engine for the Mercedes-Benz SL R231 is a 3.5-liter gasoline V6, which is installed on the SL 350 version. It produces three hundred and six hp.с. and three hundred and seventy Nm of torque at peak, and its average consumption is 6.8 l. per 100 kilometres. Although it’s a little bit «weaker» the predecessor, due to the reduced weight of the roadster reaches a hundred from a place in 5.9 seconds against 6.2 seconds. before.

The more powerful modification SL 500 (in the States SL 550) is equipped with 4.7-liter « eight» twin-turbocharged, producing four hundred and thirty five «horsepower» and the highest torque of seven hundred Nm. Acceleration from zero to 100.

Regardless of the chosen unit, the roadster is equipped with an upgraded seven-speed automatic transmission that sends torque to the rear wheels. Already in the base both modifications have electronically controlled springs.

European prices for the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R231 are ninety-three 534 euros for the SL three hundred and fifty and one hundred and seventeen 096 euros — for the SL 500. The price of the novelty in the Russian market, depending on the engine, at the time of sales was 6,100 and 7,500 zero rubles, respectively.

In the first year of sales buyers were offered a version of Edition 1, which was released in limited quantities. It is painted in an exclusive silver color, and equipment includes 19-inch AMG wheels, a sound system Harman Kardon Logic7, inserts in the cabin in wood and dark leather upholstery. Its price is not specified.

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